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Our Team

Gertjan Becx

Director and Founder

Gertjan is senior expert in agribusiness, tropical agriculture, development economics and building inclusive value chains. He is the manager of Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG), the program coordinator of the TRAIDE program in Rwanda and business developer Africa for Solynta.

Guido van Hofwegen

Director and Founder

Guido is the founder and director of Nazava Indonesia seeking to provide everyone with access to safe and affordable drinking water. Currently, he is developing a water filter supply chain in Ethiopia. He is also in charge of financial management at Resilience.

Joep van den Broek

Director and Founder

Joep is senior expert in horticulture and seed sector development with a focus on agribusiness and policy. He manages projects in Ghana, Angola and Myanmar from his base in Ethiopia.

Wouter Beekman


Wouter manages Resiliência Moçambique and IRIPO. He has great expertise in irrigation and hydrology and seeks to expand this (research) portfolio to the other East-African offices.

Anniek Elemans


Anniek is program manager of the Wageningen University and Research programs SELECTOR and CANAG. They focus on the scaling up of agriculture best practices (SELECTOR) and on improving the dietary diversity among women and young children (CANAG) in Ethiopia.

Auke Boere

Senior consultant

Auke has been working on the Aid for Trade agenda for the past 8 years and is co-manager of the Ethiopian-Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth Program. Moreover, he works together with the Rwanda-team on TRAIDE Rwanda.

Bouwiene Zwaan


Bouwiene has a background in plant sciences and a strong interest in applying it to developing countries. Currently, she is working on the Hortinvest and Innowide projects in Rwanda and Kenya. Both projects are focused on testing and enhancing the growth process of the hybrid seed potato developed by Solynta.

Claudio Gundana

Senior consultant

Gundana is country representative and Vice-Director of Resiliencia Moçambique. He is the project manager of the APSAN-Vale project and supports the NAZAVA and IRIPO Project activities. He is also responsible for the office management of the Chimoio office.

Cremilde Saracuchepa


Cremilde is a sales operator at Nazava water filters Mozambique, she also has experience in procurement and logistics.

Daniel Levelt

Operations Manager

Daniel is responsible for the strategical integration of the activities in Eastern Africa (Ethiopia, Rwanda and Mozambique) and provides support to projects in Mozambique. He is a water management and irrigation expert.

Emily ter Steeg


Emily is the program manager of the trade facilitation program of the Netherlands Embassy in Kigali. The ‘TRAIDE’ program is part of the transition agenda moving from aid to trade.

Evelien Lambooij


Evelien has a background in sustainable development and is specialized in energy and agricultural development in emerging markets, particularly in Rwanda. Currently, she is supporting the TRAIDE program in Responsible Business Practices and contract-farming projects.

Fasika Yalew


Fasika has a sociology and project management background. Currently, she is working on the Context Sensitive Investment (CSI) program in Ethiopia, assisting foreign investors in understanding the Ethiopian context and investing responsibly.

Haymanot Genene


Haymanot has a background as sociology and marketing management and experience in marketing, supply chain and logistics. She currently works as a water filter development expert for Nazava Water Filters. She is part of the Young Expert Program (YEP).

Hiwot Tadesse


Hiwot works on several consultancy projects in Ethiopia. With a background in Economics and Development Policy Analysis, she has knowledge and experience in working together with businesses, farmers and governmental actors in a development context.

Jelle van den Akker


Over the past several years Jelle has gained hands-on work experience in innovative agricultural projects in several regions in India, Mozambique and Tanzania. These projects had a focus on bridging the gap between digital technologies and practical agriculture. He is currently supporting the team in Mozambique.

Katrien van Krieken


Katrien is a water management expert based in Maputo, involved in the training of irrigation staff, farmer-led irrigation development and building the network of Resilience in Mozambique. She also works in Angola on sustainable business development.

Manuel Aguiar Namurove


Namurove is a technician for the Apsan Vale project (Mozambique) in the province of Manica to improve water productivity and income of smallholder farmers. His focus is on the improvement of irrigation and water management practices and technologies.

Marie Fidele Umutoniwase Ndahimana


Marie Fidele is helping in data collection for the TRAIDE program and the Nazava water filters project. The latter targets to increase the number of people with access to clean drinking water in Rwanda.

Marino Gulamo


Marino is a technician for the Apsan Vale project (Mozambique) in the province of Sofala to improve water productivity and income of smallholder farmers. His focus is on the improvement of irrigation and water management practices and technologies.  In addition, he worked on the hydrological study of the Messica river.

Nelson Marula


Nelson is a GIS and data expert. He is responsible for data collection, analysis and storage. He also works on the management of IRIPO - a communication platform which delivers agricultural extension services.

Nicky Schepers

Senior consultant

Nicky is a hydrologist and she is based in Chimoio, Mozambique. Currently, she is the hydrological specialist in the APSAN-Vale project and she is responsible for the development of hydrological programs within the region. She also manages our Nazava water filters in Mozambique.

Piloto Rodrigues


Piloto has been an administrator for Resiliênçia Moçambique since the beginning of our presence in Mozambique. He does office management, financial administration and makes sure all the staff are connected.

Rob van Oudheusden


Rob has a background in value chain management and agriculture. He is currently working on agri-extension and farmer application projects, developing digital products for farmers and field staff. These products bring tailored and practical agricultural advice in the hands of the users and support management decision on individual and project level.

Sander de Raad


Sander works on the intersection of Trade & Aid where he develops and supports sustainable, mutually reinforcing projects. Through the Conflict Sensitive investment (CSI) program he supports foreign investors to improve understanding of the local context and contribute to a stable business climate (Ethiopia and Rwanda). He is also the founder and director of

Simone Sitima Magrasse


Simone is a technician for the Apsan Vale project (Mozambique) in the province of Tete to improve water productivity and income of smallholder farmers. His focus is on the improvement of irrigation and water management practices and technologies.

Susanna Cocchini


Susanna is currently supporting the TRAIDE program, aimed at fostering a trade (rather than aid) relationship between the Netherlands and Rwanda. Moreover, she is also working for the implementation of the Context Sensitive Initiative program in Rwanda, to ensure that foreign investments are in line with the needs of the local communities involved.

Thijs de Klein


Thijs has a background in hydrology and water management. He worked with smallholder farmers in Mozambique for his MSc and he is currently working as a hydrologist in the APSAN Vale project.

Thijs Rensink


Thijs works as Business Consultant for Resilience. He has extensive experience as a logistics and innovation consultant and has led numerous implementation projects. With his background in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration he will work for the Ethiopia office on short-term business support assignments and the ISSD Ethiopia programme.

Thijs Rutgers

Senior Consultant

Thijs has almost 10 years of work experience with Africa. He worked in several African countries and his main expertise is building bridges and creating new partnerships

Timon Weitkamp


Timon is writing his PhD proposal and works on the FASIMO project in Mozambique. He is an expert in remote sensing, irrigation and water management. He uses satellite-generated data to retrieve meaningful information about irrigation and agriculture.

Vania Almeida Bata Cambula


Vania is responsible for the financial management, operational and logistics processes of the Resiliencia Mozambique office.


Adriana Sanchez


Adriana works on IRIPO: a mobile platform that aims to deliver rural extension, crop production and market prices to farmers in Mozambique. She supervises field activities and develops inclusive business strategies.

Joseline Umuhire


Joseline is currently supporting the TRAIDE and Nazava Water Filters Projects in Rwanda. TRAIDE aims for inclusive and sustainable growth of the Rwandan agricultural sector whereas Nazava water filters lead to improved access to clean drinking. The projects relate to different Water and/or Agrofood themes and SDGs.

Rixt Komduur

Senior Consultant

Rixt has a multi-disciplinary background with a MSc in biology and a PhD in applied ethics and communication science. Working to help make policy on a wide variety of subjects such as GM crops and scientific trends of (alternatives for) animal experiments and currently attitudes towards climate change.