Internship possibilities at Resilience

Due to our work in challenging environments, we often encounter interesting issues to research as either a Phd, master of bachelor thesis. We all started our careers gaining experience during an internship: now, we often think back and realize that this experience truly changed the person who we are today. Therefore, we are open to provide this space to you, if you are willing to invest yourself and immerge yourself into the environment we are working in. We work on several topics in a variety of countries (

Previous internships and thesis topics included, amongst others, mapping irrigation channels with GPS, measuring streamflow, writing of a Business Opportunity Report on the energy sector of a developing country. When we have specific vacancies, they will be published on our website ( and on LinkedIn (

Please contact Timon Weitkamp, our Internship Responsible person (  whenever you have an idea, wish or challenge to solve.

We look forward to meeting you! The Resilience Team.