Clean water for 10,000 victims of Idai Cyclone

Mozambique was hit by cyclone Idai on March 14, 2019. More than 1.2 million people are affected. The United Nations proclaimed IDAI the biggest disaster ever in the southern hemisphere. Clean water is very necessary when natural disaster happen. Sources have become polluted and destroyed by the forces of nature. Safe drinking water is very necessary to prevent diseases such as cholera. We supported the reconstruction efforts by launching a crowdfunding initiative via

We pledged

For 25 euros we provide a family with a water filter. With this filter, a family can filter rain, river and flood water to make it clean and safe to drink. The filter technology comes from the Netherlands and is made by a Dutch social enterprise in Indonesia (Nazava). The water filter has been tested by the World Health Organization (WHO) and removes 99.9% of all bacteria. In Mozambique we work from our office in Chimoio, on the edge of the disaster area. Together with other aid organizations we bring the filters where necessary. Our goal was to raise 50,000 euros, enough to provide 10,000 people with clean drinking water. The supported amount went directly to the families.

What happened

The project led to the delivery of 2138 filters. Each filter is in a house with a family of 5 people on average. Therefore promotion has provided more than 10,000 people with clean drinking water. But the project did not go as planned. Read on. The several contributions to this initiative resulted in the financing of more than a thousand filters. Contributions, for a total of € 32.388,92, arrived arrived via the following routes:

  • € 21.482,63
  • Wereldwinkel Hengelo Gld € 2.500,00
  • Water for Everyone € 2.500,00
  • Stichting Hands feet € 2.041,00
  • Stichting Hand, Zutphen € 2.000,00
  • Nikolas in Mozambique € 1.150,04 (MZN 78.203)
  • Van Talentstad middelbare school € 500,00
  • Tabonon Kickbox School Zwolle € 125,00
  • Albert Heijn Hengelo Gld € 65,25
  • Biowinkel Odin Zutphen € 25,00

The Opportunity

With this money, the materials were ordered for the filters. The filters were supplied by Nazava itself; all other materials were purchased on the Mozambican market. Especially supplying these other materials took longer than we wished. In the meantime, the distribution of the existing reserve has begun. This has aroused the interest of aid organizations. Shortly after the cyclone, between 3rd April and 14th June 2019, 488 water filters were distributed through the following aid organizations (more details are available below in the media section):

  • HUB (project APSAN-Vale), Sofala Province, 25 filters in total
  • Lutheran World Foundation (LWF), Manica Province, 64 filters
  • CCM, Manica Province, 83 filters
  • ADDP, Manica Province, 60 filters
  • Caritas, Manica Province, 256 filters

And, they wanted more. At that time, we were asked by Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and Khalsa Aid for a considerable amount of filters, 1650 pieces. This would deplete our stock. LWF and Khalsa AID had identified their target group and were able to distribute quickly. LWF distributed 1400 filters in the districts Sussundenga and Macate (localities Chigodi, Mafufu and Machocoza). Khalsa AID distributed 250 filters in Chibue, Sussundenga district. Therefore we seized this opportunity because we were able to realize the goal of the promotion immediately. Namely, more than 2000 filters have been distributed in the affected areas. See below an overview of the partners who made it possible to realize this. Totals distributed per partner:

We pledged to deliver…

But that has put us in a dilemma. Producing a new batch of filters takes a long time. And with that, the urgency to support IDAI affected areas disappears. We promised to use the filters in the area affected by IDAI. And for that there was no longer any relevant urgency. 

A social fund by Nazava Mozambique

We have an alternative. The filters financed by contributions' support would become part of a social program from Nazava Mozambique. This program focuses on health centers and education. We offered the filters to schools, orphanages, clinics and hospitals. In this way we contributed to health and education while we did not undermined market forces, through donations in a recovering market. The local economy is the engine for development and donations play a dangerous role here. Because we were able to purchase and produce cheaper, the price of the filters went down. The contributions received had therefore became worth more filters. The value of the filters has been adjusted to € 22.01/ filter which means that we introduced 984 filters into the social fund.

Building social enterprise Nazava Mozambique

As a follow-up, we have now started building a commercial business for the sale of the filters in a sustainable manner. In this way we contribute to the sustainability of the distributed filters, by making replacement parts available on the market, and also by offering new filters. The materials for the commercial start-up are ready and we are now starting to sell. We want to thank you on behalf of all the families for making this possible. The team of Resilience

Implemented in

Manica, Mozambique

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