Resilience is an international network organisation that carries out research and consultancy projects for its clients in emerging markets. Moreover, we also initiate and invest in social enterprises to develop market-based solutions for pressing issues. We are a diverse group of bright and open-minded professionals seeking to make a change. Currently, we are mostly active in agribusiness, horticulture and seed-sector development, farmer-led irrigation and drinking water. Resilience has offices in Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Netherlands and Rwanda.

Our Mission

Resilience is a network organization connecting bright minds to develop innovative solutions for the strengthening of global food and water security.

Our Vision

We envision a resilient world where humankind can grow happier, healthier and more prosperous managing the pressure on natural and social systems.

Our core values


Acknowledge that humanity and nature are one


Contextualize solutions thanks to local expertise


Cooperate with all stakeholders


Invest in sustainable market-based solutions


Reflect and experiment to improve


Chase data and facts to find solutions